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White Sox Outsider

About White Sox Outsider

White Sox Outsider is the only annual reference book series solely devoted to the Chicago White Sox, written by Jim Margalus. Other annuals only have space to devote a handful of pages to individual teams, but White Sox Outsider devotes 200+ pages entirely to the White Sox, and their successes, failures and stories over the last 12 months.

Each book is broken down into six sections:

  • Transaction Register: A recap of the season by its personnel moves, tracking injuries and explaining promotions, demotions, trades, signings and releases.
  • Season in Review: A month-by-month journey through the previous season, reviewing the biggest stories and breaking down the numbers with “Month in a Box.”
  • Down on the Farm: Evaluating the ebbs and flows of the White Sox farm system and a breakdown of the latest draft.
  • White Sox Eulogies: Individual tributes to each departing player, explaining the legacies they leave behind.
  • Stories of the Season: In-depth essays that tackle in great detail significant developments from the previous season.*
  • Looking Forward: Breaking down Ozzie Guillen and the 40-man roster, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies as they prepare for the new season.
*White Sox Outsider 2010 contained only one essay (“Ken After Ten”), a lengthy retrospective on Kenny Williams after a decade in the GM chair.

White Sox Outsider is released at the beginning of March, making it a great way to bone up on the upcoming season. It makes a great gift, and you’ll know more about the White Sox than you ever cared to.


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