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About Jim Margalus

Jim Margalus (hereafter known as “I,” because writing in the third-person is awkward) is a third-generation White Sox fan and a native of Downers Grove, Illinois, who lives and works in New York’s Capital Region.

I began writing about the White Sox in December 2005 at Sox Machine, a website I ran for five years. In February of 2009, I published the first edition of White Sox Outsider. In April of 2010, Sox Machine joined the ESPN.com SweetSpot Network of MLB blogs, managed by Rob Neyer. In December of 2010, SBNation hired me to serve as managing editor for South Side Sox, and that’s where my writing can be found today.

During the day, I work as a Web Content Developer for the Albany Times Union. At night, I go to my fair share of concerts. Need to know more? You can find me on Twitter, and my e-mail address is at the top of the screen.

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