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White Sox Outsider 2013

Cover by Carl Skanberg

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With first-year manager Robin Ventura at the helm, the White Sox surprised baseball by spending 117 days atop the American League Central. Alas, they didn’t have enough in the gas tank to get to the finish line. They lost 10 of 12 games over last two weeks of the season, allowing the Detroit Tigers to seize the lead in the final week.

Accompanied by Carl Skanberg cartoons, White Sox Outsider 2013 reviews the events of the season in handstaking (handcrafted + painstaking) detail over six sections:

Section 1: Transaction Register: Starting with the release of Ozzie Guillen, a move-by-move account of the season, explaining trades, signings, promotions, demotions and injuries.

Section 2: 2012 Season in Review: A month-by-month recap of the 2012 season.

Section 3: Down on the Farm: A review of the farm system and the draft, as well as top prospect lists for 2013 and 2014.

Section 4: White Sox Eulogies: Parting words for all departing players, from A.J. Pierzynski to Kevin Youkilis and everybody in between (even Eric Stults!).

Section 5: Regime Change: How Kenny Williams won his cold war with Ozzie Guillen and redeemed himself in the process, what he leaves for new general manager Rick Hahn, and the task ahead.

Section 6: Looking Forward: Reviews and previews for Robin Ventura the entire 40-man roster.

Not convinced? Here’s a preview.

4 Responses to White Sox Outsider 2013

  1. tom flisk says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new edition. Deeply disappointed they couldn’t come to an agreement with AJ.

  2. jimmargalus says:

    Glad to hear, Tom. Thanks.

    UPDATE: I’m awaiting the test copies.

  3. Wayne Tietz says:

    I ordered your book last night. Hope its as good as your previous White Sox books.

  4. Wayne Tietz says:

    I just finished White Sox Outsider 2013 and it’s another wonderful book for hard core White Sox fans. I hope the author continues to write this book every year in the future.