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White Sox Outsider 2010

White Sox Outsider 2010, the second installment of the Outsider series, is now available for sale!

What is White Sox Outsider 2010?

White Sox Outsider 2010 is an annual publication solely devoted to the White Sox, and the only publication of its kind. It’s 226 pages devoted to what happened in 2009, and what lies ahead for 2010.

What’s inside White Sox Outsider 2010?

White Sox Outsider 2010 is divided into six sections.

No. 1; Transaction Log. A move-by-move timeline of White Sox promotions, demotions, injuries, trades, releases, signings and claims, explaning why they happened and what impact they made.

No. 2: 2009 Season in Review. A month-by-month account of the 2009 White Sox season, from spring training through October, recounting stories, rehashing controversies, and honoring the top — and bottom — performers along the way.

I heard from more than one person who bought White Sox Outsider 2009 that they thought the Season in Review section was merely a compilation of Sox Machine posts, and were surprised to discover differently. So allow me to emphasize that this is all new content. Blogging is great at capturing events as they happen, but a book provides the luxury of hindsight, so I take full advantage of that to put things in proper perspective.

No. 3: Down on the Farm. Taking stock of the White Sox farm system, I evaluate the winners and losers of the 2009 minor-league season, recap the 2009 draft and rank White Sox prospects for both 2010 and 2011.

No. 4: White Sox Eulogies. Paying tribute to the departing 2005 World Series champions (I’ve posted eulogies for Jose Contreras and Jermaine Dye here), and recapping the White Sox legacies of all other departing players, from Jim Thome’s storied South Side career to Jack Egbert’s two outings of infamy.

No. 5: Stories of the Season. How did the White Sox screw up spring training? Why does Greg Walker still have a job? I explore these questions by taking a journey through recent White Sox history in in-depth essays.

No. 6: Looking Forward. Individual performance breakdowns for Ozzie Guillen and his 40-man roster, explaining what went right, what went wrong, and what 2010 may bring.

What if I don’t like to read?

Have I mentioned the cartoons? Illustrations by beloved White Sox cartoonist Carl Skanberg enhance the reading experience throughout the book, including a full-page tribute to Mark Buehrle’s perfect game.

Where can I buy it?

The link is here.

And here’s a preview:

Thanks for your support!

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